AG#8 - Crouch Vale Best Bitter - 12/11/12

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AG#8 - Crouch Vale Best Bitter - 12/11/12

Postby cononthebarber » Tue Apr 08, 2014 18:34

I'm a bit behind on my brew day posts! I brewed this on 13th October. As stated above this is from Marc Ollosson's - Real ale for the home brewer. I would definately recommend this book, you can purchase it as an ebook for only £3.49 which is an absolute steal as you get over 100 quality recipes...check it out HERE...Anyway heres the recipe:

EDIT - I have not included the recipe as I am unsure if Marc is ok with this, I know he clarifies on a previous forum that he didn't mind reproducing his recipes as part of brewday posts but to my knowledge this has not been given here as yet...perhaps admin can advise?


Safale S-04

90 Minute mash @ 67c

OG: 1048
FG: 1012

ABV 4.8%

I have now bottled this brew and had a couple to enjoy...this a really interesting brew!

The large hop bill at the start of the 2 hour boil really comes through big time, you are bombarded with super bitterness which then turns quickly into very (what can only be described as) burnt wood flavours. Its really strong and its hard to find any of the goldings at all! This is not a beer for the faint of heart, superstrong flavours make this difficult to enjoy more than a couple. Not an "everyday" beer but certainly a quality ale and makes a real change for the old palette!

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