Honey Kolsch

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Honey Kolsch

Postby jonnymorris » Fri Sep 15, 2017 18:55

Brewed this honey beer today. I've tried brewing with honey a number of times in the past but almost invariably the beers did not turn out to offer the slightest hint of honey. Even the braggot I made with 50% of the fermentables coming from honey, 3kg from memory, didn't. That one turned out to be pretty awful actually though I suspect it may have become infected as I added the honey to the fermenter. I'm hoping the lightness of the Kolsch style in this one will let the honey shine through.

Recipe courtesy of Brew Your Own;

3,300g Maris Otter
480g Wheat
149g Cara-pils
121g Acidulated malt
480g Devon honey (added at flame out)
26g Pacifica (90 mins)
34g Pacifica (10 mins)
WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch yeast

1.050 OG
24 IBU
67degC mash

Brew day went smoothly and it's all tucked up in my brew fridge at 18.5degC. Will update on the success or otherwise when it's done.

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