BM brew 4 - Orval Clone

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BM brew 4 - Orval Clone

Postby serum » Sat Jun 10, 2017 14:28

My last Orval clone went down really well so thought I'd do one on the BM. I've found two different step mash programmes allegedly from the monastery so gave one a go.


Planned OG - 1.051
Planned FG - 1.004
IBU - 43.5
Yeast - WLP510 - Bastogne and Orval dregs


3kg Dingemans Pale
1kg Weyermann Vienna
100g Weyerman Caramunich

Mash in @ 40C
15 minutes @ 61C
25 minutes @ 68C
30 minutes @ 71C
Mash out @ 80C

Boil - 90 mins
30 IBU Hallertauer Hersbrucker @ 60 mins
8 IBU Bobek @ 30 mins
500g sugar @ 15 mins

Start and 17C and increase temp by 1C each day
50g Celeia Dry Hop after a week
Rack to secondary and add Orval dregs to add brettanomyces
Stash away for 2-3 months

This was quite a busy brew day. I set the BM off and mashed in then legged it to B&Q to get some timber to build a stand for the fermenter so I can put it in the fridge I just got. Luckily it's a nice day.

Got that built just in time but when I finished the boil and chilled it I realised I'd forgotten to add the sugar! I'll have to add that later but the OG was where it should be after taking that into account.

The FV is really full so it looks likely to try to burst out. I've added a blow off tube but hopefully that won't get too gunked up.

Updates to follow!
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Re: BM brew 4 - Orval Clone

Postby rlemkin » Sat Jun 10, 2017 21:43

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Re: BM brew 4 - Orval Clone

Postby serum » Thu Jun 15, 2017 07:32

Dissolved the sugar in boiling water last night and poured it in. Airlock is glugging away again this morning. I've never done it that way before so wonder how it'll affect the flavour and whether it'll be a cleaner fermentation.

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