Nelson Sauvin IPA

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Re: Nelson Sauvin IPA

Postby xCamel xSlayer » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:26

robwalker wrote:Looks good to me. I don't personally feel the crystal is necessary at that OG, but horses for courses.

I'm just using previous recipes I've made from books etc as a guide. All had some sort of crystal in there. What's the reason for it being unnecessary Rob?
Should I add a bit more Munich, something else or just bin it off altogether?
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Re: Nelson Sauvin IPA

Postby robwalker » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:57

Up to you entirely, but you'll find sweetness, body and head retention pretty good on its own at that abv given enough conditioning, and I wouldn't want to risk things getting cloying (or trust beersmiths FG target for that matter.) Having said that, I've never actually brewed a DIPA :whistle:
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Re: Nelson Sauvin IPA

Postby rlemkin » Thu Oct 06, 2016 13:49

I would probably drop it to a lighter crystal if you had it. Although I don't think this recipe would be bad at all! Carapils or Caramalt is what I normally use. There are no rules.. try it and see what you think. There's always another Brew on the horizon.

One of my favourite IPA recipes was around a 6%/80IBU IPA and 92.5% MO & 7.5% Amber, which is not something I'd recommend if someone posted it here, but I loved it!
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