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The Homebrew Handbook

Postby fore » Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:04

A quick check on Amazon and you'll see the problem with this book; as reported, it's full of recipe errors. Even for someone who's never AG'd, I can easily see the errors in the grain weight vs. OG/FG/ABV. It's so bad, I can't even figure out how to correct, as I don't know which parameters are wrong for each beer. It also doesn't give you the intended batch size, only the water that you should mash with, and then it's not clear on that. I've tried to plug into BrewMate, but it just leads me to more question. The book is not really intended for the 'attention to detail' brewer like myself, it's written for 'wing it and see', but that said, such obvious errors should not exist anyway. Some reviews have said the recipes should be used for "inspiration", but I can get that from another book with no errors. This was given as a present, so at least I don't fret about wasted money.
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