The Craft of Stone Brewing by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner

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The Craft of Stone Brewing by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner

Postby KevinS » Wed Aug 20, 2014 20:24

This book, by the founders of Stone Brewing Co, has a number of differing sections. It opens with the story of Stone, how the founders met and how they got started, and its interesting to hear the contrasting stories from the two founders and the challenges they faced. For some of the more seminal beers (e.g. Arrogant Bastard) it also goes into more detail about how these helped shape the company.

What follows is a list of the Stone catalogue of beers, including some brief info about them including IBUs and the hops used. This includes all releases including any special, anniversary or vertical epic ales.

The next section has a number of recipes from the Stone Bistro's, most of which include beer in some manner (Beeramisu anyone?). This is quite nice to have as each recipe does indeed sound nice and you get a beer pairing with each one (limited to Stone beers, of course).

The final section of the book (and this is a quarter of the book) details how to make some of the Stone beers at home. For the new brewer, the instructions on how to make beer are helpful, but rather short. I would not recommend the book as a complete reference guide for a new homebrewer.

The recipes themselves are very good. Each one has a more simplified version for how to make a 5 gallon batch and then an 'advanced' part which lists the essential items - grain percentages, hop amounts and times, gravities etc.

It's worth noting at this point however - the book does not include every Stone beer. For example, Stone IPA and Ruination are not in the book (although they are in Mitch Steeles IPA book) and sadly there is still no official recipe for Arrogant Bastard. The stalwarts such as Stone Pale Ale, Smoked Porter and Old Guardian Barley Wine are all included however.

Overall though - if you're a fan of Stone Brewing Co, the book is an interesting read - its nice to flick through and simply view the grain bills and the hops used and I enjoyed a brewery being so open about what did and what didn't work (who new Stone had tried a wheat beer...)
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Re: The Craft of Stone Brewing by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner

Postby robwalker » Wed Aug 20, 2014 21:10

I enjoyed it as a flick through and as a good read. It's great for getting to know about food pairings too because Stone are nuts on good food!
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Re: The Craft of Stone Brewing by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner

Postby KungFuRamone » Sat Sep 13, 2014 07:29

I really enjoyed this one, as I do like reading about breweries history. It's also worth checking out The Brewer's Apprentice, also co-written by Greg Koch in which it discusses various beer styles from around the world and talks to the people who have mastered them. It has tons of information in and is quite inspirational.
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