IPA by Mitch Steele

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IPA by Mitch Steele

Postby Good Ed » Sun Apr 06, 2014 21:56

Mitch is the head brewer at Stone Brewing Co. in Southern California. The book starts with the history of British beer prior to the 1700's and move on through the birth of IPA from then onwards to the present day with lots of detail about how and where beer and IPA was made. The second half of the book covers IPA variations, ingredients and techniquies. There is a recipe section with 49 recipes from historical beers to contemporary British and US IPA's, double IPA's and black IPA's. Also there is an extensive bibliography for those wishing to do more research.

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Re: IPA by Mitch Steele

Postby phettebs » Sun Apr 06, 2014 22:59

This was the last brewing book I bought. I like it and found it informative.

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