The Malt Millers Session Porter

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The Malt Millers Session Porter

Postby Kyle_T » Fri Apr 22, 2016 18:22

Right, on to the initial impressions review:

Upon recieving the box it comes as one of TMM's standard boxes that are study and well taped, always useful for keeping and using later so top marks for that:


Inside is 2 separate items, a nicely sealed bag of malt crushed to order with a list of the contained malts and the amounts, nicely presented:


The other is the hops, vacuum packed in a silver foil bag and labelled appropriately, however here is my first bit of disappointment, when selecting the hop for this particular beer the website claims the Alpha Acid as 5 - 7%, I was hoping that by ordering them the AA would be confirmed on the label but it is not, as a result I had to buy more working on the lowest AA listed, I have fired off an email to TMM enquiring to the AA but probably won't get a reply until Monday earliest, if I was brewing this tomorrow I would be slightly annoyed, perhaps it is worth asking him to list the correct AA on the website when building the recipe:


Along the same lines there is no EBC listed on the malts unlike when you order them individually, as they may be different to what you purchased before and/or elsewhere, this would have been nice for calculating the final colour had I not already had the same malts in store.

This brings me to the last part of the initial review, the information fields, when building the recipe you are asked to provide information on volumes, mash temperatures and fermentation temperatures amongst other stuff, it would have been nice to have had this included with the invoice on a separate sheet of paper, ready to have on hand for the brew day with any final notes instead of having to load up a device and find the correct recipe online.

Finally, once the recipe has been finialised online there is no ability to edit it to amend for AA changes in crop harvests and to adjust the quantities of hops required, meaning I will now have to purchase the kit with 75g every time regardless of any AA increase. This would be worth looking into in future.

I will wait until I have the hop AA before brewing this kit but I will update as it goes, overall I am happy with what I paid for as it is good value for money but I am slightly disappointed with the lack of information provided.

Edit: TMM emailed me yesterday morning to confirm that the hop AA is 5.3% so I was correct to assume the lowest and adjust before ordering.

Edit 2: I just received another email from TMM to say that they are in actual fact 6.06% AA? Now it means I have over ordered.

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