Beer Kit Review Index

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Beer Kit Review Index

Postby bobsbeer » Sun Apr 13, 2014 13:38

Please reply to this thread if you wish to submit a kit review. A Mod will create the the thread and link to this index. Please do not add reviews ad hoc or they will get missed out of the alphabetical index.

Barons - Premium Dutch Lager
Black Rock - Lager
BrewBarrel - IPA
Brewferm - Diabolo
Brewferm - Gold
Brewferm - Grand Cru
Brewferm - Oranje Bock
Brewferm - Oud Vlaams Bruin / Old Flemish Brown
Brewferm Tarwebier
Brewferm - Triple
Brew Masons Ltd - Red Ale
Bulldog - Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza
Bulldog - Evil Dog Double IPA
Bulldog - Hammer of Thor
Bulldog - Limited Edition Chocolate Stout
Brupaks - Brewers Choice - German Pilsner
Brupaks Brewers Choice - IPA
Coopers - Australian Bitter
Coopers - Australian Lager
Coopers - Australian Pale Ale
Coopers - English Bitter
Coopers - European Lager
Coopers - Heritage Lager
Coopers - Irish Stout
Coopers - Mexican Cervesa
Coopers - Original Stout
Coopers - Traditional Draught
Festival - Endeavour Pale Ale
Festival - Father Hook's Best Bitter
Festival - Golden Stag Summer Ale
Festival - Landlords Finest BItter
Festival Razorback IPA
Festival - Suffolk Strong Ale
Festival World Beer - New Zealand Pilsner
John Bull - IPA
Kilner - Bitter
Make Your Own - IPA
Make Your Own - Yorkshire Bitter
Milestone - Crusader
Milestone Dark Galleon
Milestone - Green Man Premium Real Ale Kit
Milestone - IPA
Milestone - Shine On
St Peter's - Cream Stout
St Peter's - Golden Ale
St Peter's - India Pale Ale
St Peter's - Ruby Red Ale
The Home Brew Shop - Di & Danny's Golden Ale
The Home Brew Shop - North Camp Lager
Tom Caxton - Real Ale
Ultimate Brewery Classics - Lashings Traditional Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Ultimate Brewery classics - German Pilsner Lager
Wilkos - Best Bitter
Wilkos - Dark Velvet Stout
Wilkos - Golden Ale
Wilkos - Light golden lager
Wilkos - Hoppy Copper
Wilkos - Newkie Brown
Wilkos - Real ale
Wilkos - Refreshing Cerveza Mexican Style
Wilkos - Wheat Beer
Woodforde's - Admiral's Reserve
Woodforde's - Headcracker
Woodforde's - Nelson's Revenge
Woodforde's - Norfolk Nog
Woodforde's - Wherry
Youngs - American Amber Ale
Youngs - American Oaked Rum Ale
Youngs - American Pale Ale
Youngs - American IPA
Youngs-American Mocha Porter
Youngs - Definitive Bitter
Youngs - Harvest Bitter
Youngs - Harvest Mild
Youngs - Harvest Stout
Youngs - Harvest Pilsner
Youngs Premier Ales - Hoppy and Glorious
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Re: Beer Kit Review Index

Postby Wee_Dave » Fri Apr 07, 2017 16:06

Just got a Young's American Mocha Porter on the go today.

Can you add to the list please? :thumb:

Wee Dave

FV: Coopers Australian Lager (30g Galaxy dry hop)

Young's American Mocha Porter

Planning: St Peter's IPA (50g - Topaz and Galaxy - dry hop)

Currently Drinking: Store bought beer and occasionally a Turbo Cider until the stock levels are at a reasonable level :hat:
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