Hoppy American Pale Ale


Hoppy American Pale Ale

Postby rodwha » Wed Apr 06, 2016 17:42

I wanted to make an all Cascade pale ale that nestles in the crossover of an American IPA as well (>5.5% ABV and 40-45 IBUs). This is what I did for my ~19.9L batch:

3.63 kg of pale ale malt
340 g of crystal 40
227 g of flaked barley
113 g of light DME (starter)
14 g Cascade (6.8%) @ 70 mins
50 g Cascade @ 21/7 mins
57 g Cascade for 49 min whirlpool/7 day dry hop

5.3% ABV
48 IBUs

I mashed at 67.2* C, whirlpooled at 79.4* C, and am fermenting at 19.4* C for 7 days followed by 2 weeks at room temp (22.8* C).

I was short of my OG a touch so I added 28 g of cane sugar. My ABV is targeted to be 5.3% knowing my priming sugar will boost it to 5.5%.

I'm really looking forward to this beer as it's quite similar to Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale, which is iconic. From the many recipes I looked at they used slightly more crystal malt but nowhere near as much Cascade (and different bittering hops). I bought a 227 g pack of these hops for this.

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