Mangel Wurzel Ale ~ Sugar Beet Root Beer

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Mangel Wurzel Ale ~ Sugar Beet Root Beer

Postby TegwynTwmffat » Wed Dec 16, 2015 00:53

Twelve months after starting this project and I have finally managed to produce something that tastes nice. It's been a real labour of love.

To start with, nobody grows the necessary vegetables near where I live so I initially had to ask my ex girl friend's boy friend's dad to post me some sugar beet from over 300 miles away. By the time they arrived, they had started to go mouldy and the resulting brew tasted quite disgusting.

Rather than give up, I then decided to grow my own sugar beet. Eventually, I found some seeds on Ebay and then had to wait 6 months whilst the seeds germinated and the plants grew to a good size for harvesting.

It is now December and the sugar beet is ready and, very strangely, the previous mouldy batch seems to taste a lot better after maturing for 12 months!

More info here:
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