Jalapeño Blonde Revision

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Jalapeño Blonde Revision

Postby rodwha » Wed Sep 30, 2015 02:24

I had a fellow help me create a jalapeño recipe back in November of 2013. He felt a cream ale made one of the best backbones as it's something like an ale version of an American lager, something almost "tasteless" to allow the jalapeño to be the star.

My recipe wasn't ever truly a cream ale recipe and ended up using a Pilsner LME for a partial mash. It ended up being excellent, but I wasn't happy with it not truly fitting into the style and so I was determined to change it, which became a blonde.

But it just isn't as good. I've since gone all-grain and don't want to deal with Pilsner malt as I have to use a tamale steamer bottom as a lid propped by a spoon to get a boil going despite straddling 2 burners. So DMS would likely be an issue. I also need to top off with a bit of water and don't want to increase the need.

I've read that 6-row, a grain typically used in a cream ale, that supposedly tastes similar and so I'll be finding out shortly as tomorrow I'll be brewing this revision. This is what I've come up with for a 5.5 gal batch (sorry for the lack of metric):

5 lbs 6-row
4.25 lbs 2-row
0.5 lb carafoam
0.5 lb crystal 40
1 oz Mount Hood (5.5%) @ 70 mins
1/2 Whirlfloc & 4 roasted and sliced jalapeños @ 7 mins
4 fresh and sliced jalapeños soaked in vodka for 2 weeks as 7 day "dry pepper"
US-05 yeast

5.3% + 0.2% for priming sugar
18 IBUs

This will be my 5th jalapeño beer, and one of my favorites. I've added one more jalapeño to this as the heat and aroma die off after about 3-4 weeks, and I love hot and spicy anyway.

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