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Alfonso GPA

Postby Brewzee » Sat May 20, 2017 18:55

Thats standing for Alfonso mango Golden Promise Ale
There I was using up the last of my GP in a pale ale when Mrs Brewzee exclaimed that the Alfonso mangoes I bought here were 'too' fragrant. I noted in my brew log that there is no pleasing some and that I chopped up 3 of them and added them after high krausen. I used;
4K Golden Promise quite coarsley crushed, 2 generous tsp gypsum. 18L Strike water at 74C (20 ml ams for my chalky water) then two hours mashing out at 62, to long i know.
About 18L sparge water at 74c after being boiled and cooled - chalky water.
30G 17%aa Warrior at 60
50g 8% Amarillo at 0
wait ten mins and then strain into FV
Saf 05 starter from last brew, no lag like packet 05, it went like the clappers.
33g Citra pellets at end of high krausen
3 Alfonso mangoes, fresh, chopped at end of high krausen.

Will bottle in a week and keep you posted. Big Q is; add some chopped lemon grass to FV or not ?
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