Weizen recipe

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Weizen recipe

Postby Ren » Sun Mar 15, 2015 15:05

Hello folks,

Will be brewing some weizen this weekend for my father in law, as I have never brewed this type of beer before I have some questions:

Should I use rice hulls and if yes how much?
Pittsy suggested in one of the recent posts to use 5% carahell. Can it be substituted with melanoidin or aromatic malt?
Some people suggest to use maltodextrin in Franziskaner clone to boost some body. Should I add some?
Will be mashing a tad higher (67C) because I am afraid it will lose too much heat. Had some issues with over attenuation although I did 10l batch and it turned out 6 points lower then it should. I am still not really sure if it's contamination or mashing temp problem.
Use light DME or wheat DME for yeast starter? I will decant.

Could you please comment on this recipe:

AG#17 Frisch Weizen

Est Original Gravity: 1.050 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.012 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 4.9 %
Bitterness: 11.9 IBUs
Est Color: 9.2 EBC
Batch Size: 16.00 l
Boil Time: 90 min

0.14 kg Rice Hulls (0.0 EBC) Adjunct 1 3.8 %
2.10 kg Wheat Malt, Pale (Weyermann) (3.9 EBC) Grain 2 57.2 %
1.26 kg Pilsner (Weyermann) (3.0 EBC) Grain 3 34.3 %
0.17 kg Melanoidin (Weyermann) (59.1 EBC) Grain 4 4.7 %
23.52 g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [3.30 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 5 11.9 IBUs
0.8 pkg Hefeweizen Ale (White Labs #WLP300) [1000.00 ml] Yeast 6 -

Mash In Add 9.74 l of water at 76.4 C 67.0 C 60 min
Mash Out Add 5.37 l of water at 94.6 C 75.6 C 10 min

Will use Ashbeck water with added 1.1g CaSO4, 0.8g CaCl2, 4.5ml Hydrochloric acid.
Calcium (ppm) 57
Magnesium (ppm) 2.5
Sodium (ppm) 9
Sulfate (ppm) 71.4
Chloride (ppm) 71.7

Please comment.

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Re: Weizen recipe

Postby pittsy » Mon Mar 16, 2015 08:35

Hi , you don't need any extra malts other than 60/65% wheat the rest pilsner malt which will give you a light yellow beer but adding around 3 to 5 % of a light crystal malt adds a bit more to it plus should give you a orange yellow beer . Thumbs up on weyermann grains btw. If you have calcium around 75 to 100 ppm would be better but if possible keep the chloride and sulphate even like you have it , assuming the alkalinity is below 50 but better around 30 ppm .Boil for 90 mins , extra wheat = extra boil .Rice won't hurt and can help against a stuck mash .Looking good mate , hope it goes well .
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Re: Weizen recipe

Postby Ren » Mon Mar 16, 2015 14:50

Thanks a lot pittsy!
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