Hefeweizen Recipe

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Hefeweizen Recipe

Postby pittsy » Fri Apr 04, 2014 23:31

Instead of posting a recipe I shall post what is usually in a German wheat beer .
You can use Pilsner malt , pale ale malt , vienna malt , munich malt .
You can use pale wheat malt often max of 70% , you can use dark wheat malt max often 50% ( dunkleweizen )
The standard ratio is 60% wheat while some recipes go as high as 70% and as low as 50% , a true to style hefeweizen should have at least 50% wheat .
That may be it while other recipes have around 3 to 5 % of a crystal malt such as carahell , carared , carawheat etc .
Bitterness is on the low side in a hefe and should be around 10 to 20 ibu and 12 ibu being the standard and this is why it has a sweetness to it .
Hops that are ideal such as hersbrucker , saaz and other such noble hops .
A good long boil is needed with a wheat beer , more proteins more effort needed . 90 mins
A true hefeweizen style yeast must be used to get the right flavours otherwise it's just not a German style wheat beer , it may be lovely but it ain't a hefe .
I like wlp 300 and wlp380 , both lovely .

Just a note , if you're thinking of adding orange peel and coriander seed then you may want to look for a Belgian/French style wheat beer often called a WitBier (think hoegarden) above recipe should be adjusted too .
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