Antwerp Pale Ale

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Antwerp Pale Ale

Postby serum » Mon Apr 18, 2016 09:28

This beer ended up being one of the best I've ever made so here's the recipe. Think along the lines of DeKonick or Palm but a little stronger:

IBU: 20.8
Colour: 16.3 EBC
OG: 1.056
FG: 1.008
ABV: 5.8%
Yeast: WLP515 - Antwerp Ale

Mash - 75 mins @ 65C & fly sparge

4.5kg Pilsner
0.6kg Caravienne
0.3kg Biscuit
0.3kg Flaked oats
0.15kg Aromatic

Boil - 90 mins

48g Saaz (3.2%AA) @ 60 mins
17g Saaz (3.2%AA) @15 mins
Protofloc @ 15 mins

I used waitrose bottled water to brew with and added gypsum to get sulfates to 150ppm and a little calcium chloride to get chloride to around 50ppm. I also used lactic acid to get the right pH.

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Re: Antwerp Pale Ale

Postby jkp » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:56

Another one to add to the list of recipes to try..... an ever growing list!

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