Grapefruit IPA botch with leftovers.. first time. Heeelp

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Grapefruit IPA botch with leftovers.. first time. Heeelp

Postby BishBash » Thu Jan 24, 2019 14:03

Hi All

This is my first message on this forum and my first attempt at a custom brew, largely to use the ingredients I have. I have asked the below on a different homebrewforum forum and got banned with no reason given, so if this is against the rules please let me know, and why, so I can adjust to suit or delete if required.

Effectively I’m attempting to botch an Elvis juice, with a darker liquid malt extract, and not enough of it. And also some (hopefully minor) hop substitutions.

Evlis Juice Botch

Volume 20L
Boil Volume 25L

Magnum 2.5g Start (60min) Swap for Willamette
Simcoe 12.5g Middle (30min)
Amarillo 12.5g Middle
Mosaic 25.0g End (0 min) Swap for Willamette
Citra 25.0g End
Amarillo 12.5g End
Simcoe 12.5g End
Citra 50.0g Dry Hop (In FV)
Amarillo 50.0g Dry Hop
Simcoe 50.0g Dry Hop

DIY dog suggests 4.5kg Extra pale, x 83.33% attenuation = 3.75kg liquid extra equiv

(And 0.88kg of Caramalt which I have and will steep)

I also plan to add zest of 6 grapefruit and 3 oranges in FV.

My questions:
- If I substitute the suggested base malt above for 2.7kg of Gold malt syrup; will I need to top up the sugars some how? By how much? Or should I reduce all the ingredients and volumes down proportionally?
- Will this Malt substitution Make an awful beer? I know it’s taste different and will be darker.. but still drinkable?
- Is steeping the Caramalt okay? Or should I do more of a brew in a bar?
- Is the hop substitution for Willamette okay? Quantities etc.
- I have 2x 1 gallon Demijohns, any interesting suggestions for experimental secondary fermentations?
- I’ll be using Muntons Dry Ale Yeast. I assume this is okay?
- I also have 0.125 lbs Special B and 0.125 lbs Light Roasted Barley which I’m not planning to get involved at all.

Many thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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Re: Grapefruit IPA botch with leftovers.. first time. Heeelp

Postby Brewzee » Mon Jan 28, 2019 07:03

Looks like a complicated hop schedule. I don't know anything about malt extract but sounds about right, and hydrometer are cheap so you could make up any differences with sugar. I think the general consensus is that best to use grapefruit flavour extract not the real thing.....what would Elvis do...
Probably have used saf05.
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