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Re: Traditional IPA

Postby Aleman » Thu Sep 03, 2015 16:08

Well you can't really get much simpler that a Trad IPA.

Aim for around 1.070 and bitter to around 70 IBU Using Goldings. One of the DP recipes uses 4oz of goldings per UK gallon (4.54L).

Single addition of hops . . . It may have been dry hopped in cask, but do remember that these IPA's were aged in cask for 12 months before being shipped to India . . . any dry hops would have been added at the India end.

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Re: Traditional IPA

Postby KevinS » Thu Sep 03, 2015 16:15

rodwha wrote:By traditional I mean one of the first few made back in the 1800's. According to my book by Mitch Steele it was actually an October beer.

Ah ok, good to know! From memory that book has historical recipes as well so I am guessing you are going based off of those (and I know the recipe for Brooklyn's EIPA talks about how Garrett Oliver tried to mimic more historic malts)

As has been mentioned otherwise though, Ron Pattinson, Martyn Cornell (who I believe Mitch Steel spoke with when researching the book) and the book by the Durden beer club would be the go to resources for getting a historically accurate recipe. I know with the Durden Book they have taken historical brewing records and given tried and tested recipes that can be made with more modern ingredients (namely the malts).

But otherwise, I am always a sucker for Meantime's IPA :)
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