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Stout - Alemans Effin Oatmeal

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:02
by Aleman
This is the most current version . . . Be warned with that much flaked grain you stand a good chance of a stuck mash even if you do use oat hulls! >>> The Brewday Thread <<< . . . Comments . . .start a topic in brewing discussions and link back to here ;)

Aiming for 80L at 1.052. 31 IBU and 68EBC (75% Efficiency and Tinseths)

12000g Pale Malt
2250g Flaked Oats (Toasted - 45 Minutes in oven at 150C Or until golden brown :roll )
1000g Chocolate Malt
1000g Flaked Barley
750g Brown Malt
750g Crystal 120EBC
250g Roast Barley

The Oats, Flaked Barley and 500g of pale malt will under go a glucan rest, but the main mash will use a Hochkurz mash schedule with this one, (30 minutes at 60C and then 60 Minutes at 70C), as I want to try and get as much fermentability as possible and a lot of those grains don't convert that well at all.

A 90 Minute boil with

175g Bramling Cross Hops (5.8% Alpha for 60 Minutes)
25g Bramling Cross (5.8% Alpha steep at 80C)

I'm hoping to get more blackcurrant/Blackberry flavour coming through from the hops than the last batch.

Once fermentation is finished, I'm going to dry hop two of the cornies with cocoa nibs one with vanilla pods and also put vanilla pods in with one of those with cocoa. It should give me a nice comparison between 'plain' stout, chocolate stout, vanilla stout and chocolate vanilla stout. I picked chocolate and vanilla because i think they will complement the creamy smoothness of the base oatmeal stout particularly well . . . I may even do an espresso version, depending on how much I make.