Better brew but why?

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Better brew but why?

Postby ericmark » Wed Mar 09, 2016 18:25

Just before Christmas started a brew, but forgot to bottle it, well did not even transfer as normal to remove sediment. It sat in fermentor at 20 degs until 7th March 2016. So at long last got around to bottling and the last bottle which has a lot of sediment and was not full I tried today. What a lovely pint.

But question is why? Is it because I did not transfer, or that is was in fermentor so long, or simply the temperature was maintained at 20 degs. Leaving 3 months in fermentor instead of 3 weeks is normally not an option I would run out of beer, but leaving the bottles in the freezer compartment at 20 degs until next brew is possible so 3 weeks brewing and 3 weeks conditioning. Then take to shed.

If conditioning in the freezer compartment what would be ideal temperature? In the main Scottish Heavy is brewed some times Young's Harvest Scottish Heavy and some times Geordie Scottish Export the Young's should have 1.5 kg sugar and Geordie 1 kg but in the main I use 1.5 kg in both. I am sure this last brew had 1.5 kg in it and a little extra water.
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