Time to ferment kit beers.

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Time to ferment kit beers.

Postby ericmark » Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:57

When I started I had no temperature control and also tended to adjust water and sugar levels so reading the label on a kit beer which says 1 - 2 weeks I took with a pinch of salt blaming the less than ideal conditions.

A week ago I decided to return to basic and follow the instructions to the letter and see if I was over doing things. So mixed at 18 degs, took to 19.5 degs first day in case it over shoots then set to 22 degs range is 18 - 24 thought I did not want to run to limit so 22 was set.

I did however decide to swap fermenter as normal to reduce sediment when bottling so after 6 days swapped and measured the s.g. down from 1.042 to 1.020 so still some time to go I should think. Also very careful when syphoning that tube is at bottom of both fermenting vessels and was surprised to see foam on top few bubbles normal but 1/2 foam was not expected.

Clearly not going to be 7 day to bottle or even 9 it is even unsure if it will be ready in 14 and I wonder does any one do a standard kit beer in 7 days? Does not worry me loads of stock so no hurry but at 22 deg I had expected to be ready in 8 days. In July 2013 my records show a Young's Harvest Bitter bottled after 12 days but in those early days used a screw top bottle which would release excess pressure rather than break bottle. I have one George Scottish Export bottled 13 days but remember having to release the caps latter as the plastic bottles were very turgid so clearly bottled too soon. In the main around 19 days seems to be a norm but temperature not consent in the past it would vary hence expected it to be ready sooner.
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