Pimping a Hoppy Copper Kit

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Pimping a Hoppy Copper Kit

Postby supersteve » Tue Apr 08, 2014 15:19

Hi Everybody

I picked up a Hoppy Copper kit in the Wilko sale and I'm thinking of using it as a trial into steeping some grains and boiling some hops, what would people recomend?

Some Crystal malt? or Caramalt?
Steep them and then boil up with 500G of DME and add a few Hop additions.
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Re: Pimping a Hoppy Copper Kit

Postby calumscott » Tue Apr 08, 2014 16:35

My new favourite speciality malt - caramunich!

Not sure of it's steeping potential but think shortbread beer... :drink:
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