update on the Moose

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update on the Moose

Postby piddledribble » Sun Apr 06, 2014 15:57

Moose Drool...an American Brown Ale

I cant add this update to the original brew thread.... :D
However just to say this brew ( even tho I did it with German hops ) has turned out wonderfully tasty. Its a dark brown Ale full of malts, clean tasting and not too bitter.
Its taken a few weeks to come together (left under 3psi in the corny ) then gassed to around 10psi over a period of time and now being served around 5psi. Lovelly beer, well worth another brew.

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Re: update on the Moose

Postby BIGJIM72 » Sun Apr 06, 2014 21:48

Nice to see you Bri. Might have to revisit the Moose Drool-last time there were too many hops swapped out by me to give it a fair shake.

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