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Hot Sauce

Postby Brewzee » Fri Sep 27, 2019 06:47

Plenty of sauces like tabasco are made by lactic fermentation. I just bottled my first attempt, it's been a good year for chillies. The idea is to create a salt solution strong enough to kill most things but not Lactobacilas however spelt. So for half a jam jar of chopped fresh red chilli serrano I added quarter tablespoon salt and half a cup of boiled but cooled water...don't want to kill the bugs. also added a clove of garlic. Left it 5 days. It goes cloudy which is good apparently. Then blended and put through a tea strainer and into those little bottles you get hop oils in. It's fierce, alread thinking of putting more stuff into next version. Tabasco is stored in wood barrels...oak chip in next version ???
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Re: Hot Sauce

Postby RokDok » Thu Oct 03, 2019 22:25

Thats very interesting Brewzee, chilli crop this year , in fact all fruit ( hops too ) is insane- will have to give this a try

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Re: Hot Sauce

Postby Oldstunty » Fri Oct 04, 2019 19:19

I like the sound of this. The missus took on 2 allotments this year and we are always looking at ways to preserve produce :thumb:
Thanks for sharing :hat:


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