Kit brewing moving house, temperature control!

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Kit brewing moving house, temperature control!

Postby ericmark » Mon May 07, 2018 13:04

House move temporary only 7 miles, but the fridge/freezer used to brew kits in is really too large to move, run out of stock, so looking at options. I have a small 32 litre freezer, but the fermenter will not fit in it. I also have a small 4 tin fridge, 12/230 volt Wollies best.

Considering either bottles of cold or frozen water and some method to activate cooling, heating is easy I have a demo under floor heating tile 18W which the fermenter can sit on, just cooling to consider, intend doing in garage, no insulation.

So first idea is collect up some old wood to make a cupboard around the fermenter, and using a small fan to blow air past frozen bottles if it gets too high a temperature. However also other thoughts.

One is to start off brews in my house for 2 days, then take fermenter to new house to finish off and bottle.

When in this house I moved from kitchen to integral garage unheated I found not as expected, I thought I would only need to heat the brew, thought in a fridge that would be easy, however what I didn't consider is fermenting releases heat, so once garage over 10 deg C not enough heat lost so brew over heated, it needed cooling when inside an insulated box. However only for two days, after that not enough heat produced to cause a problem.

So considering methods not needing a fridge or freezer big enough to hold fermenter. As only temporary maybe a year, don't want to go to any great lengths, so open for ideas. Already have two temperature controllers so switching on heaters and fans no problem.

Sorry to say move aborted as father-in-law died, so back to fridge/freezer in integral garage, so full temperature control.

I realise the freezer will not last forever so still looking at methods I could use, cooling is the major problem, I look at a 32 litre freezer not required and consider how to use to cool fermenter? The major point is brewing a batch takes around 28 days, but the cooling is only really required for 2 days. Once that first bit of high activity is over, one only requires heating.

So does not really matter if inefficient as only for 2 days a month. So bottle of frozen water in insulation and a fan which switches on when fermenter is over temperature. Or water pipes from freezer, 32 litres too small to fit fermenter so question is how to use it to cool brew?

It may be as simple as just place frozen bottles of water in with fermenter, and heat if they remove too much?
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