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"Toasted" sugar

Postby f00b4r » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:49

Serious Eats have an interesting article on "toasting" sugar, essentially you get the caramelisation without changing the structure of the sugar in the way thats occurs when you just heat it in a pan (it can be substituted 1-2-1 for ordinary sugar).
It has some really good applications for baking but if you follow the recipe link there are comments around its use in brewing, any thoughts?
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Re: "Toasted" sugar

Postby Brewtrog » Wed Jun 08, 2016 15:00

From reading the article, I can't work out why there'd be much difference between that and normal caramel, except that it takes longer to do it that way. So saying, maybe the lesser caramelised flavours might add something a bit different to what caramel/unrefined sugars might add.
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