"Cask Conditioned" Home Brew - Take 2

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Re: "Cask Conditioned" Home Brew - Take 2

Postby chrisb52 » Wed May 25, 2016 03:16

i have no idea of the constraints of camra for what i think they think real ale is , i just know what i think tastes nice , so i think this coined phrase "craft" beer should be seen as such and the word craft should be replaced by "art" and therefore not everyone will enjoy a picasso nor a da vinci but they all have there place and very rarely can be be recreated

i have to add this has been a very interesting read on all parties inputs
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Re: "Cask Conditioned" Home Brew - Take 2

Postby PeeBee » Sat Jun 11, 2016 18:59

chrisb52 wrote:i have no idea of the constraints of camra for what i think they think real ale is...

Okay. Can't really leave this unanswered although a lot of my opinion is a result of developing this thread and the one preceding it. It's a rant, and will probably result in me being ranted at, but this is buried pretty deep in this thread now so I might get away with it.

CAMRA, and most of their followers, know exactly what "Real Ale" is; they coined the term, and it makes up part of their organisation's name. "Real Ale" is CAMRA's term and they define it; "real ale" is a term in our language (English) and I suppose is the opposite to "unreal ale"? But many people just don't see this obvious difference and get all excited, hot and bothered, etc., when mixing up the definitions in conversations.

And then we add "Craft Beer" (or is it "Craft Brewing"?), a term coined by the American Brewers Association. Meaningless over here because CAMRA did such a good job of stopping our brewing industry falling into the clutches of just a handful of multi-national money-making companies with no real interest in turning out decent beer (e.g. Budweiser, Coors and even, horrors of horrors, Guinness).

CAMRA, and "Real Ale", is concerned with dispensing and pubs, and "Craft Brewing" is concerned with the making and breweries. Leading to anomalies such as some "Real Ale" can't be "Craft Beer" because it contains sugar (a non-malt fermentable). And much "Craft Beer" can't be "Real Ale" because it is often chilled, filtered and served using extraneous carbon dioxide gas. Two very different approaches, but for some reason they seem to divide folk into "sides" that are forever slinging muck at each other: The young "hipsters" on the "Craft Brewing" side and the old fuddy-duddies on the "Real Ale" side. And neither side really have anything to do with home brewing, but it often doesn't seem that way. One particular slagging match goes on between CAMRA and a bunch of young brewers in the North of the UK who take offence that their products are considered outside CAMRAs definitions of "Real Ale" (but they are). The youngsters in the North will probably "win" (have won?) the slagging match because they have the following of large numbers of other youngsters whom CAMRA completely fail to attract now-a-days (but to give CAMRA some credit, they do know it and may well do something about it). But the Northerners' principals are locked in the heads of a few very enthusiastic individuals, unlike CAMRA's who's principles are carved in stone. Sooner or later the "hipsters" following those enthusiasts from up Scotland way are going to be surprised when their "Dog" turns around and bites them on the arse.

I was blinkered by being on the CAMRA side for many years and was homebrewing accordingly. It was only recently I began to accept and adopt some of the "Craft Brewing" influences flooding into UK homebrewing, but avoided falling headlong into that camp. The result is this thread and being able to brew and serve quality beer at home like I could never do before.

The point I'm trying to make is: Don't get blinkered by taking sided in this artificial battle. We're HOME BREWERS and need to adopt any practice that results in churning out the beer we want to drink!
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