Doing my bit to save the planet.

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Doing my bit to save the planet.

Postby Pakman » Wed Jan 16, 2019 16:42

Having recently acquired 3 cornie kegs and a CO2 bottler I've been trying to come up with a system for cleaning the bottler and cornie delivery pipes quickly. I thought about forcing cleaning agent and then flushing from one cornie to another but didn't like the idea of using CO2 to propel. Clearing out my office (I've taken voluntary redundancy with early retirement :thumb: ) to make more room for brewing stuff and found a broken car tyre inflator in a box awaiting mending - sorted. Mounted the 12V compressor into a plastic box (stolen from SWMBO's tupperware cupboard - I miss Maplins!) and fitted a grey connector on the end of the hose. Now I am able to move cleaning and rinsing agents around without wasting precious CO2. Used a bottle to catch the cleaner from the bottling wand and collected the surplus out of the gas release valve into another cornie. No mess and I could get on with something else whilst it was being cleaned. Using the empty bottle highlighted how much crud was released by the cleaning agent during the rinse cycle as you could see it swilling about before going off through the gas release valve to the second cornie.
Will post pictures once I can upload them onto my website - for some reason I'm not able to log in to the server at present. :scratch:

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Re: Doing my bit to save the planet.

Postby BigYin » Mon Feb 18, 2019 20:04

I like that idea!

I guess not many folk will have a compressor, but I do.... so after reading your post, it occurred to me that I had an old tyre inflator for the compressor that was gubbed because the connector that goes onto the tyre valve was burst (what do you expect - £15 from Aldi for 4 air tools :rofl: ) - anyway, that was lying around unused, and I knew I had spare gas disconnects for the cornies, so just a case then of cutting the hose from the tyre inflator as square as possible, and then although it's slightly oversize for the press connect, a bit of gentle persuasion and it's on!

IMG_20190217_181210_resize.jpg (241.2 KiB) Viewed 215 times

A quick test (no, I didn't then leave the cornie at that pressure!) and we're good to go!

IMG_20190217_181451_resize.jpg (230.01 KiB) Viewed 215 times
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