Maxi 210 Issues

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Maxi 210 Issues

Postby andymonkey » Sun Jun 03, 2018 13:27

Hi all,

Wonder if anybody can help...

I have a Maxi 210 which purchased re-conditioned about a year or so ago. It worked wonderfully for a few events/outside bars and then earlier this year started really fobbing badly. Gets to half a pint and then seems to be a gas surge that fobs the second half of lager. Have cleaned properly, wondering if there's a quick fix that I can run to get it back online. Beer is cold which was my first thought, other than that stumped...

...Alternatively, is there anybody in the Suffolk/Essex way who services these things?


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Re: Maxi 210 Issues

Postby Rhys » Sun Jun 03, 2018 16:48

Don't see why a cooler should be the main cause of fobbing. It's just a cooler. More likely carbonation of the beer, psi on the gas reg. or line length /diameter. Plenty of posts on the forums about using short lengths of 3/16 for this very reason. Also on how to carbonate, priming correctly, force carbonating at the right psi and for how long.
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