Crusader vs Cornie

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Crusader vs Cornie

Postby dave_walton » Wed Mar 29, 2017 15:04

Does anybody here use the 20L crusader Kegs.
Looking for opinions before I venture down the kegging route or Do I go cornie kegs.  I used to have a corny setup in a previous system before I sold up.
Where is the best place to get hold of the crusader kegs as I believe they used to sell them direct but appear to no more.
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Re: Crusader vs Cornie

Postby Joe1002 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 15:33

Welcome, I used to use 20l crusaders before I moved to cask. The big advantage for me is they seal with no pressure. Ther both have their pro's and con's I guess but it depends what is important to you.

Home brew UK are now the retailer for Crusaders, alternatively you could try kammac.

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