Buying a Pegas "Ecotap"

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Re: Buying a Pegas

Postby PeeBee » Fri Jan 13, 2017 13:44

f00b4r wrote:... You need two washers for the evolution, ...

I have no need nor desire to fill glass bottles. But I hope any readers out there that do have a need to fill glass bottles are taking note.
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Re: Buying a Pegas "Ecotap"

Postby Ciderhead » Sat Jan 14, 2017 00:59

f00b4r wrote:
PeeBee wrote:Just to make that (a little) clearer:

"Ciderhead" is talking about the "Novatap", the much flashier version (jealous). I'm talking about the "Evolution" which now has an adjustment for different PET bottles (no idea if it accepts glass bottles). And the "Ecotap", who knows?

You need two washers for the evolution, the usual collar one but also a spacer one behind the silicone washer at the top; make sure to remove the later after each use or repassivate it after grinding to size or it will rust.

I got away with just the one on the initial Chinese evolution knock off one I got.
Funny thing was I did something I hadn't done in years and bought a box of coopers bottles which are dead handy for meets or samples and they are all gone
Bottling a lot less fiddly and messy vs my standard CP filler into glass though now, word of warning though and that's to double check pressure of your reg before lining up the bottle!

Forgot about the repassivation, dropped into neat starsan there now, cheers!

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