Fermenting fridge and dispensing fridge

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Fermenting fridge and dispensing fridge

Postby ryanshelton » Sun Sep 04, 2016 20:16

Is it possible to have both from one fridge? Ive got the fermenting fridge with temp controller and heater but can I also use it for dispensing from?

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Re: Fermenting fridge and dispensing fridge

Postby KevinS » Sun Sep 04, 2016 20:47

If we're talking about fermenting and kegging - then my instant thought would be yes - but not at the same time. Seeing as your fermentation temperatures will (most likely) be different to your serving temperatures, you wouldn't be able to do them both simultaneously.

But assuming you were fermenting in the fridge, then looking to keg the beer and go back in the fridge - I see no problems with that. The temperature relay would work in exactly the same way.

You would just have to wait until you've finished drinking the beer before you could ferment another batch :)
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