Beer Taps (Faucets) for my New Keezer Build

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Beer Taps (Faucets) for my New Keezer Build

Postby Kloorob » Wed Jun 22, 2016 18:52

Hi Everyone,

I am building a Keezer which can take up to 3 Corny Kegs, and in researching which Beer Taps I should purchase, and I must say that I am baffled by the options and variety out there (Plastic, Chrome and SS)? The SS Intertaps look good, but are they worth the extra cost, and if so do I go for the extra Flow Control?

Your thoughts would be appreciated?

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Re: Beer Taps (Faucets) for my New Keezer Build

Postby secla » Wed Jun 22, 2016 23:18

I have 2 of the SS intertaps with flow control
Haven't tried any other taps but the build quality is excellent and the benefit of not having to mess about with line diameters and lengths is a bonus. I would recommend them
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Re: Beer Taps (Faucets) for my New Keezer Build

Postby PhatFil » Thu Jun 23, 2016 04:41

avoid taps with fixed spouts, the differences between a home keg and a bar keg are such that weekly line cleaning is redundant as the kegs dont change that often and if fitted clean and sanitised the line upto the tap is essentially just an extension of the keg. so a line/tap clean is only necessary at keg change over, and can be cleaned simply with the keg ;)

spout cleaning at home however is something you may wish to address, i only realised the problem existed after a very sweet ginger beer stayed on keg for a Long time and only poured the odd 1/2 pint used as a cooking liquor ;) one day i opened the tap and it didnt pour, the spout was clogged with gunk !! Now my spouts get unscrewed and soaked overnight virtually after every pour,, if you have fixed spouts on your taps you will need a bucket and a squeezy bottle to squirt a rinse up there, a wee bit more hassle than a simple unscrew n soak..

Fwiw i use plain n simple black plastic dalex style taps i have 3 x flow control taps simply fed with 3/8" beerline, and they work a treat with low conditioned beers served at pressures of 6psi and lower by my reg gauge, @ 8psi and higher they become a pita to set and need a wee fiddle every pour never quite hitting the sweet spot while the lower serving pressures are simply set once and pour the keg out.

for higher conditioned beers served upto 15psi i have a simple tap without flow control fed via a circa 5ft length of the 3/16" micro line..
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