Beer No.2

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Beer No.2

Postby Crastney » Tue Jan 13, 2015 16:18

No pics I'm afraid, but here goes.
A bit of background first - my mom has a Golding hop in her garden, this year it went mad, and so she harvested lots of hops, and packed them in bags and sent them to me in the post. I used one back, with 1kg of sugar/liquid malt extract mix to make my first beer. The other hops went into the freezer. Kitchen changes forced us to sell the old fridge freezer, and our newer one is smaller, so I've been forced to use the hops. The wife bought me 1kg bag of 'beer enhancer' (I think it's Muntons) - from Wilkinson.

I put a musling bag in water, and boiled for 5 minutes to sterilise. emptied out the water, added about 3 litres of water from the kettle, added the beer enhancer (dried malt extract, and dextrose), stirred to dissolve. Added the hops in the bag, covered, bought to boil, and simmered for 15 mins.
took the hops out, left to drain in another pan, put the main pan into a sink of cold water.
let cool to about 30 Degrees.
Poured all the liquid onto the starter that was already in my 5 litre PET.
took an SG of 1.064 - for about 4 litres.
I then put the PET into an FV, added water to the FV to the same level as liquid inside the PET, and added a aquarium heater, set to 18 deg.
it's in the kitchen on the floor in the corner.

Starter was made from yeast cake taken from previous beer no.1 stored in a jar in the fridge - I started this a day earlier by adding some of the DME, and yeast nutrient. It didn't look like it was taking, so I opened a bottle of beer no 1 on Saturday night, didn't pour all of it into the glass, and poured the bottom half inch into the starter - this seemed to be working, all be it very slowly.

I did this on Sunday evening, and by yesterday there was a large head of frothy white bubbles, which today is compacting slightly, with some brown 'gunk' in the middle of it.

So that's what I did.
I've no idea what to call this beer, or what style it's going to be or how strong it'll be - any help on that would be good. I believe there are calculators I can use to work these things out...?

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