AG beer with bananas added

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AG beer with bananas added

Postby BIGJIM72 » Sun Apr 06, 2014 21:34

Been meaning to have a go at this for a while. I have mentioned it once or twice in previous posts/chats & have heard various ideas,suggestions & opinions (thanks to all to those who contributed). Experiment 1 will involve bananas in the mash (90 mins).

Why do it? I have a few reasons. Firstly, I work in contract catering & often have access to large amounts of imperfect bananas-so I am curious to see how they will perform as an adjunct-so owt for nowt. Secondly comes curiosity. Banana beer threads raise their heads & the rule of thumb is the flavour comes from the yeast used & temperature control &/or banana essence. Just want to try & see how real fruit will perform,if at all. I am fully expecting a stuck mash, a pectin haze & every other disaster possible.

So we are starting with dehydrated bananas-not chips (they are deep fried & obviously will contain unwanted oil).
Here's some I prepared earlier:
[url="http://ww.the homebrew"]viewtopic.php?f=10&t=39767[/url]

Before drying a peeled banana weighed around 100gm, after 25gm.

Grain Bill for 23lt:

Marris Otter 4.6kg
Crystal 100 gm
Dried bananas 200gm

Hops (very unscientific)

Handful of homegrown challengers,handful of homegrown fuggles,few homegrown first gold,2-3g target

So at 70% efficiency I should end up with an OG of at least 1044.Mash started around 1pm,will go for 90 mins.

Dried bananas & hops

Spent grain after sparge

Very murky first runnings

Wort on to boil

Boil ending with few extra bananas

Don't know how much banana flavour will come through,will have a cheeky taste of the first runnings.Very sweet,maybe a little more so than usual. No real banana flavour to speak of. Will add a few during the boil as well.

Stuck another 150g of dried bananas in during the boil,faint glimmer of banana flavour appearing,but will now probably end up with a pectin haze.
Well,it's chilled & in the FV- OG came in at 1048.Hard to tell if there is any hint of fruit-just too sweet & malty at the moment.
It was a nice beer, but you would have been hard pressed to taste the bananas in it. Used in the above way they behaved pretty much like crystal malt.

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