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AG#3 - Scotch Ale 12/8/12

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 18:18
by cononthebarber
I was supposed to be brewing yesterday however due to various reason's had to leave it till today, had planned to brew outside again however the weather is just not playing ball today! We are having intermittent showers so am indoors, much to the delight of SWMBO!!!

Brewday is going just fine so far, mash is done and boil started about 10 mins ago...think I should pour a beer while I'm waiting around

It would be rude not to really


AG#3 - "Scotch Ale"



3.6kg Pale malt, Maris otter
500g Munich Malt
100g Crystal Malt
50g Roasted Barley
30g Chocolate Malt


20g Goldings 60 mins
25g Goldings 15 mins
20g Goldings 5 mins

15g Goldings 0 mins

Safale s-04

Est OG: 1055