AG #2 - Stoutmageddon 22/7/12

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AG #2 - Stoutmageddon 22/7/12

Postby cononthebarber » Sun Apr 06, 2014 18:16

I will be trying my hand at making some real dark stout for my next brew, its based on Devonhomebrew's recipe of Odin's breath stout but I have taken away the torrified wheat and replaced with Chocolate Malt instead...recipe below:


3kg Maris otter
0.5kg Crystal Malt
0.3kg Black malt
0.3kg Roasted Barley
0.3kg Chocolate Malt


35g Northern Brewer - 60 mins
45g Northern Brewer - 30 mins
20g Northern Brewer - 0 mins

Yeast: Nottingham ale dry yeast

What do you reckon?

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