Dry hopped lager

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Dry hopped lager

Postby MrBoy » Mon Jul 10, 2017 14:34

I have recently discovered Adnams Dry-Hopper Lager and it's become a bit of a favourite:


I had been meaning to make a lager kit for a while and when I bought a cheap £10 kit with generic ale yeast, remembered I had a half-packet of EKG hop pellets in the freezer. The beer was looking pretty bad - I thought it had gone off based on the smell early on - but I figured "what the hell" and tossed them in for a couple of days.

I racked twice because I was keen to end up with no sediment, and with a bit of nerves cracked the first bottle the other day...

It's pretty great! It comes across like a bit of a pilsner I suppose, really refreshing but with some flavour to it and a nice level of dry-hoppiness. It seems to have absolutely no sediment at all which means for the first time I've made something you can drink from the bottle - purists may object but for a lager it's pretty great to swig cold refreshment from the bottle (9 degrees not super chilled), 4% so great in the sun, for BBQs etc.

I'm very pleased and surprised it came out so well but wondered - could another hop choice have worked even better? I think I added 50g or so of EKG.
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Re: Dry hopped lager

Postby HTH1975 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 17:53

Maybe try dry hopping with your typical lager hops - Saaz comes to mind.
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Re: Dry hopped lager

Postby robwalker » Mon Jul 10, 2017 18:44

I think they list their hops on their cans, sure that one is Galaxy and something else. They do a mosaic lager too which is ace! Try anything! A full 100g pack of pellets will net you plenty of aroma, then just add a small syphon filter on kegging to remove it.
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