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AG Cascade Pale Ale

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 13:22
by jkp
Today I decided to brew something light and easy drinking. The local taste is for beers that are not too bitter and even a little sweet. So to accommodate the masses I've kept the IBUs of this American style Pale Ale a little lower and subbed a bit of Munich for a portion of base malt.

Here is the recipe;

ABV: 5%
IBU: 24.4
SRM: 5.7

Pale Malt 80.9%
Munich I 9%
Biscuit Malt 5.6%
Crystal 25L 2.25%
Carapils 2.25%

Mash 60min@67c, 10min@71c and 76c Mashout

Boil: 60min

Cascade: 0.26g/L @ 60min - 4.4 IBU
Cascade: 0.53g/L @ 15min - 4.4 IBU
Cascade: 1.32g/L @ 10min - 7.9 IBU
Cascade: 2.37g/L @ Flame Out - 7.8 IBU
Cascade: ?.??g/L @ Dry Hop - 0 IBU

Fermenting with US-05

It's all done, targets hit and yeast pitched. I'll decide on the dry hopping when it's finished fermenting and I've had a taste.

Pictures may follow......