AG Salted Caramel Porter

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AG Salted Caramel Porter

Postby jkp » Wed Jan 25, 2017 15:24

This brewday post is a follow-up from this recipe critique.

From all the advice on that thread I finally settled on the following recipe,


Pale Ale Malt (Castle-Belgian) 80%
Brown Malt (Gladfield-NZ) 7.5%
Carafa II 5% <---- This was a sub for Chocolate Malt as I didn't have it
Crystal 25L 4%
Crystal 60L 4% <---- After tasting the 25L & 60L grains I think I'd use all 25L if doing again

Mash 60min@67c, 10min@72c, Mashout@77c

Boil for 70min (remove 5L of wort and reducing it by 1/2)
EKG 25 IBUs @ 70min
EKG 5 IBUs @ 15min
Salt 0.4g/L @ 10 min <--- gives a Sodium level of 100 ppm, I'll add more if needed

Ferment with Nottingham (my WLP002 starter didn't smell fresh so decided not to risk it.) @ 18c

So here are the pics......

I had to change a couple of the grains at the last minute. I realised I didn't have Chocolate Malt and subbed that with Carafa II. Also my CaraMunich II didn't seem too good so swapped it for Crystal 60L. Looking back I should have reduced the Carafa II addition as it's a touch darker than Chocolate Malt which left my Brown Porter not so brown :scratch: will it be a touch more roasty also?

Tasting the two Crystal malts I'd say the 25L was much more caramel like than the 60L. It was too late for this brew but I'd probably go all 25L next time.
grains.jpeg (162.02 KiB) Viewed 885 times

I made a bit of a mistake with the milling to be honest. I recently had to replace the grinding plate and I should have re-calibrated the mill before grinding. Instead I had to adjust it as I went along and as a result the first few hundred grams will have been milled far too finely. I used my old BIAB bag in the mash tun though so hopefully not too much of the fine dust got through into the kettle.

reccirculation.jpeg (37.66 KiB) Viewed 885 times

The recirculating wort was quite a dark reddish-brown colour. I recently heard Jamil claim that the colour of the recirculating mash is a good indication for the colour of the final beer. If that's true I'd say this one is a tiny bit darker than I wanted.

firstrunnings.jpeg (50.2 KiB) Viewed 885 times

This is the first runnings in a glass. Again very dark with a bit of red. The taste was like sweet syrupy-coffee, nice but very intense! I'm going to assume that's the Brown Malt. The smell of the mash tun was also quite a bit more intense than most beers I've made.

twokettles.jpeg (75.41 KiB) Viewed 885 times

Took out 5L pre-boil and reduce it in my smaller kettle. It took about an hour to do, perhaps that's not fast enough, tbh I was a bit afraid of it burning so I didn't overdo the boil.

gravitycloseup.jpeg (29.1 KiB) Viewed 885 times

In the end I got a little more volume and a few extra gravity points. I think the extra points might be from the extra fine milling ;)

Tasting the sample, again it was very intense and very sweet. I'm not really sure if there was all that much caramel at this point. It didn't seem salty, which is a good thing. Despite adding salt I want it to be a flavour enhancer rather than a salty flavour.

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Re: AG Salted Caramel Porter

Postby xCamel xSlayer » Wed Jan 25, 2017 15:40

Sounds excellent, right up my street.
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Re: AG Salted Caramel Porter

Postby HTH1975 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 20:06

Looks like a good one. It's one of the wackier brews that has my curiosity piqued enough that I might brew it. I reckon it would be good with a milk stout base too.

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