Fermentation Technologies Orange Brandy

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Fermentation Technologies Orange Brandy

Postby ericmark » Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:54

At last completed. Started 3rd July today 7th August so not that far over the 3 weeks stated on the instructions. And I tend always to leave it a little longer than required. The results are good I can't dispute that.

As with all the high Alcohol it does have quite a few stages, basic idea is make the alcohol, remove any flavour then add the flavour required. It was an out of date kit I considered the supplied yeast was likely past it, it did not froth up like most yeasts when added to water, so added a little yeast from a Prohibition kit, not really sure which in the end did the work.

The Package E (finings) did not seem to devolve at all, but it did the job, and one of the two Packages F (glucose) was solid had to break up with a hammer, how much of this was due to being out of date I don't know.

Slightly lower quantity than the Prohibition kits, so would fit into all of my demijohns, the Prohibition kits need 4.7 litre and some demijohns are not that big.

It claims 40° proof alcohol so between 20% and 23% ABV depending which "proof" they use. However no real way to measure as sugar added in stages. It requires some converting for Canadian measures to UK so there is some latitude as to the exact quantities added. So can't be sure exactly what the final ABV is.

However taste wise it is really good and seems well worth the effort. The kit cost £10 it was sold cheap because out of date, I would say nothing between this kit and the Prohibition kits. End results about the same.
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