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Wilko Mountain Falls Water (Ashbeck substitute!)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 23:43
by GrahamT
For anyone near a Wilko, but without a Tesco, it looks like Wilko's Mountain Falls spring water is a low-mineral low-alkalinity option that may sub for Tesco Ashbeck water. I can't see any mention of it here or JBK, so thought I'd give it a heads up! It was 40p for 1.5L in my Wilko though, so maybe roughly 40% 60% more costly than Ashbeck bought in a 6x2L. There doesn't seem to be a big multipack option. Fine for an odd bottle making up star san or something though.

Analysis from label:

Calcium 7mg/L
Magnesium 2
Potassium 1
Sodium 6
Chloride 10
Sulphate 11
Bicarbonate 11
pH 6.5

Alkalinity as measured by me (Salifert kit) around just 8ppm CaCO3