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Tesco Ashbeck Profile (July 2015)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:34
by GrahamT
I'm considering using Ashbeck for a brew so thought I'd test the alkalinity and let an online calculator work out the likely carbonate. All the other 5 typical numbers we need are printed on the bottle (mg/l):

Calcium 10
Magnesium 2.5
Sodium 9
Carbonate 9.5 (estimated by online calc)
Sulphate 10
Chloride 12

Total Alkalinity as CACO3 with my Salifert test, twice today: 16

I know this low alkalinity figure may be pushing the accuracy of the Salifert test a bit, so it would be interesting to see results if anyone else is willing to test some Ashbeck too. Another member reported it as 10 at some point last year.