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I started a blog a couple of years ago as I moved into All Grain brewing from the kits I started on. I use it to predominately keep a track of my brewdays but I do plan to include other posts about upgrades and side projects along the way.
Please have a look and let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcomed!


Serving: AG37: Smoked Chipotle Porter, AG41: Maibock
Bottled: AG3: The GPSE, AG14: Plum Porter, AG 25: Russian Imperial Stout
Conditioning: AG42: Rye Saison
Fermenting: AG43: Banoffe Gose
Planning: AG44: tbc
Brewed in 2012: 200 pints
Brewed in 2013: 560 pints
Brewed in 2014: 360 pints
Brewed in 2015: 280 pints
Brewed in 2016: 320 pints
Brewed in 2017: 200 pints
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