Elderflower cordial

A designated driver would probably appreciate something made just for them

Elderflower cordial

Postby krazypara3165 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 18:40

Well, just made my first batch and WOW! it tastes cracking!!!!! how did i not know this earlier?!?!?!?!!

and to top it off i bought a bottle of shop bought elderflower and mine knocked socks off it!

Simecoe APA (HBF Donation)

Galaxy Pale Ale, Woodfordes Wherry, Bella Brew Pale Ale, Strawberry and vanilla Pale Ale, Mixed fruits cider, Elderflower and grapefruit fizz.

Rhubarb Wine, WOW rose', Elderberry wine, Mixed berries wine, Elderflower and grapefruit wine, Elderberry wine.

Next Up:
German Pilsner, Guinness Clone, Chateau De Roi selection kit, Strawberry and lime cider.
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