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Postby ericmark » Thu Nov 19, 2015 04:27

This is the latest of the three Prohibition series. I had expected to do one report for all three. At the moment in the first stage making the high alcohol. This time I have a STC-1000 controller so set to heat only with an 8W bulb as heater in the freezer of an old fridge/freezer in the garage. I will return in 3 weeks and report how next stage goes.

Well over three weeks I was ill so it was left to clear for a few months rather than weeks filled 6 wine bottles with a little left over, which I am sampling as I write. Very clear and non of the expected slight bitter taste which is common when pushing to limit. Likely due to the months left on the carbon to absorb any after taste.

Started 18th November 2015 bottled 7th June 2016 most of the extra time spent with last two stages letting it settle and with the carbon off taste absorption. Unlike wines the idea is to produce a high alcohol then remove all the natural taste, then finally add ones own. It does work, the question is if worth the effort, one could buy cheap vodka and add water sugar and flavour to get the same result.

So the stages in short as instructions give exact how to do it:-
1) Measure out exact amount of sugar, and water then add the yeast and yeast food and leave to ferment.
2) Transfer leaving most the yeast behind.
3) Add chemical to liquid plus charcoal to settle out what remains of the yeast.
4) Shake each day for 3 days.
5) Transfer and add more chemicals.
6) Transfer again.
7) Add flavour and more sugar.
8) Bottle.

The instructions are very good, simple to follow, but I would say requires two containers, I used demijohns but found of the dozen demijohns only three were big enough you have to mark at 4.7 litre with some room to spare.

Cost around £15 when you include the sugar, would I do another? Yes I would works very well.
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