Another nice mixed berry wine

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Another nice mixed berry wine

Postby oldbloke » Wed Nov 25, 2015 20:52

The nicest of my 2014s that we've had over the last couple of weeks were labelled Redcurrant+ and Redcurrant&MixedBerries
Can't find the notes for that second one but it was broadly similar to the first.
Which was the one I accidentally put sloes in - in place of some (or all?) of the blackcurrants...

520g redcurrants, 480g rassies, 85g blackcurrant, 1kg blackberry, 1kg sugar
All into bucket with 1.5 l boiling water over (frozen berries)
Added Campden, mashed.
Mash&stir, pitched half pack GV11
Strained to demi, with pectolase
Discovered some of blackcurrants actually sloes
Topped up (with Welch's white grape juice +pear +apple juice)

Dunno how much the Welch's matters.

So anyway today I started something broadly similar:

Per gallon:
545g redcurrant, 100g blackcurrants, 1kg blackberry, 650g raspberry, 50g sloes. 500g sugar in now, 1.2kg sugar will go in in total.
Used gv11 yeast last time, but have gv8 this time. May as well get some Welch's, or at least apple juice, and will of course use pectolase again.
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