Dandelion wine recipe.

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Dandelion wine recipe.

Postby wildbrew » Mon Oct 26, 2015 19:21

Ingredients for 1 gallon.

4-pints of dandelion petals (No green material)

1lt-white grape juice.



Half a strong cup of black tea (No bag or leaves)

1tsp-GP wine yeast compound.

1 quarter-tsp-Marmite (optional)

Method: steep only the petals in boiling mineral water for at least 28HR's,then add to a pan with the orange zest of 3 oranges only(No white pith)then bring to a boil and simmer for 1hr,then strain with a very fine strainer or muslin cloth and add the sugar to the hot liquid and stir until the sugar as dissolved then leave to cool, then add the strained juice from the oranges, cold black tea and grape juice, and petal juice, Marmite and yeast compound to your Demijohn top up with mineral water to the neck, fit airlock and fully ferment out.
When fermenting as stopped rack and mature for at least 6 to 12 months.
well worth making :cheers1:

Keep the DJs airlocks bubbling & the real Ale barrels rolling :clap: :drink:
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Re: Dandelion wine recipe.

Postby oldbloke » Mon Oct 26, 2015 22:43

I try for slightly more petals than that - whatever I can cut off a gallon of heads. I kind of work to a rule of thumb for flower wines that you use a gallon of the flower to a gallon of wine. I've found you don't have to be massively fussy about losing all the green bits, but you don't want any stalk or the milky sap that's in it and keep the green to a minimum. What with the flavour compounds in flowers being composed of failry light moleules I try for a cold extraction, avoiding boilng.
I do a gallon every year.
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