Apple wine

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Apple wine

Postby denn » Wed Sep 09, 2015 21:47

Hi all.

A friend has an apple tree who allows mew at this time of year to pick them and produce cider.
Last year I made quite a few gallons of the stuff but it did end up a bit too sweet.

This year I intend to make wine. I have juiced loads of apples and collected three gallon of pure apple juice.These apples are nice and red and the juice collected is pink in colour. I read that to make an apple wine most recipes say to chop the apples and pour boiling water over them. Considering I have three gallon of pure apple juice do I need to add water and say make 5 gallon?
I intended to add a few blackberries to them to make it nice and red. Will I need sugar or will there be enough sugar in the Apple juice to ferment properly?. What other ingredients will I need like Citric acid etc. All answers will be more than appreciated.

Kind regards Denn.
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Re: Apple wine

Postby oldbloke » Wed Sep 09, 2015 21:54

The apple juice has enough sugar to make cider. You'll need to add sugar to get to wine strength, or concentrate the juice somehow.
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Re: Apple wine

Postby Crastney » Fri Sep 11, 2015 15:56

from what I know, almost all cider is made by mashing and pressing the apples to make juice, and then fermenting that, without added sugar, and you get 5-6% abv.
Most hedgerow wines are made by mashing the fruit, pouring over boiling water, adding enough sugar, fermenting on the pulp for a few days, and then straining off the pulp.
As you have AJ - it's probably easiest to add water up to the required amount, and sugar to the required specific gravity for a wine.

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