Why can't I start a new thread in this forum??

Made a great kit, tell us about it, made something not so great from a kit, warn the rest of us.

Why can't I start a new thread in this forum??

Postby Jeltz » Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:11

In order to ensure that there is only one review thread for each kit we have made it so only Moderators can start threads in this forum which anyone can the reply to.

If you want to start a new review please check the index at the top of this forum to make sure that there isn't already one there. So long as there isn't please reply to the index requesting giving the name of the Kit you want post a review for and we will start a thread for you.

If anyone is copying their reviews from Another Place could you post them on the Kit Review Index page rather than create another topic. That way a mod can pick them up and index them before creating the topic. PLEASE ONLY COPY YOUR OWN MATERIAL.

Regards Nic
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